Massage Services

First Visit $65

60-75 minutes

This visit includes obtaining a history from the owner or handler, evaluating the horse head to tail, and performing a full-body massage with extra focus on problem areas found in the evaluation. You will receive a brief report card at the end of the session and a detailed summary via email.

Maintenance Massage $60

45-60 minutes

This visit is for regular sessions with my existing clients. It includes an update of the horse's history and a head-to-tail evaluation and massage with focus on any problem areas found. You will receive a brief report card at the end of the session.

Recheck Massage $50

35-45 minutes

This service is for horses I have seen within the past four weeks who need follow-up or regular treatments. It includes a brief history update, head-to-tail evaluation, and massage of any problem areas found. 

Mini Massage $40

30 minutes

This service is for existing clients who only need a shorter session because of the horse's attention span, owner's budget, or limited scope of treatment. You will receive a report card at the end of the session.

NEW: TLC Visit (price varies)

If you can't get out to see your horse as often as you'd like, I'm available for care visits that include grooming, head to tail checks, hugs and cookies, plus bathing, tacking up, practice holding up feet, or whatever else your individual horse needs to stay happy, healthy, and safe. (Service does not include riding or training.)

Because this service varies quite a bit based on the client, the price will vary. Generally, 60-75 minute visits will be $40, with discounts available for regularly scheduled visits or multiple horses at one location. 

Travel Fees

Due to the time and expense incurred, I must charge a modest fee for traveling more than 30 roundtrip miles from the intersection of Lakeline Blvd. and Hero Way in Leander, TX. The fee is 75¢ per mile.

If you are able to schedule three or more horses for the visit to your location, I can waive the travel fee entirely.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this policy or to find out if I can come to your barn.